Messages of Christ Jesus

Thursday, January 9 of 2014

Daily messages

I leave to My Ones a profound appreciation that springs from My Most Sacred Heart.

For this Grace that is born from My Essence today I give to you one last prayer, that which will close the cycle of the nine days with Merciful Jesus.

I wish to explain to you that this prayer is an inner confirmation of your souls before the Throne of God by means of My Divine Mercy.  Permit that through this confirmation all the Christic codes be sown in your hearts because My greater aspiration as King of the souls is that you may be able to eternally live in Me.

May after these nine days of union between Heaven and Earth, your lives find rest in My Sacred and Divine Heart of Peace.  May the path that you have traversed through the Powerful Novena confirm you as new Christs for the current time. 

Walk by My side because in this way I will not lose you.  Remember that I always need the loving help of My Ones. 


Prayer of the Divine Confirmation
Lord, God the Father,
Infinite Source of Love, Unity and Light,
I am Your humble and little servant.

I am Your spark of fire that comes from the Great Source.

Permit me to be as simple as Your Beloved Son,
permit me to be as pure as Your Precious Universal Mother.

Liberate from my path all bonds,
cut with Your Sword of Light the ties that the enemy has established
because living in Your Supreme Freedom
I will find hope in the future,
I will find strength in the Light of Your Divine Heart.

May the nine powerful deeds
that Christ lived upon the Earth
be sown in my heart
so that on the day of the Great Celestial Victory
the Angels and Archangels
guide the purpose of every essence
and that we may live together with You, Lord of Love,
in the Kingdom of Eternity, of Service
and of Absolute Surrender to Your Plan of Redemption.
May those who have fallen be raised!

May Your Divine Mercy
resuscitate the spirit of our brothers and sisters in the world!

May Your Love and Compassion unite us as one only heart
for centuries and centuries,
united to Christ Our Lord!

And Infinite Glory in the whole Earth.


Under the Light of God, be blessed.

Thank you for answering to My call!

Merciful Christ Jesus

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